A Birds eye view on open school

The purpose of our open school is to empower the dropout students of tribal and tea garden workers.  Though we give priority to girl children we also encourage boys to get educated and come up in life.

During the past eight years have served 500 students who got through secondary education. Some pursue their studies and others go for vocational training and get job to support their higher studies.

We give intensive English coaching as the students come to us, at first and when they are able to communicate regular class starts. They are taught English, Psychology, Basic computing, Home science and Painting.  Along with these classes we also teach yoga and meditation which helps to purify their body and mind and concentrate on their studies well.  We do give value education especially moral values are taught.

We give counselling to the students who are in need and help them to face problems of life with courage and grow in self-confidence.  Special occasion are marked with special programme, competition etc. reading is very much encouraged as we have a good library for them. Computers are also made accessible to the students for their need.