Mission & Vision

Mission: “Our mission is to empower the marginalized for building sustainable community by means of people’s organizations and animations.”

Vision: “We visualize a society where people are self reliant in an environment of equal opportunities ensuring human dignity and security.”


  • Promote good governance through village level organizations (CBOs).
  • Improve the quality of life of the marginalized people.
  • Empower the poor to benefit from the govt. Schemes and programmes.
  • Facilitate supplementary education in tribal and backward areas.
  • Ensuring transparency in local administration through awareness programmes to the grass root institutions.
  • Adopt right based approach and tap govt. Resources for the poor.
  • Developing, promoting and facilitating preventive and curative health care.
  • Promoting, developing and facilitating Agriculture and Livestock management
  • Promoting gender equity and empower women.

Activities of SKS:

  • Formation of SHGs in rural villages.
  • Anti-Human Trafficking
  • Bridge schools
  • Drop out students coaching at women Empowerment centre.
  • Community Based Rehabilitation
  • Relief works
  • Organic farming and supporting the farmers.
  • Animation programmes for SHG leaders and Animators.
  • Awareness programme for village leaders/Headman etc.
  • Conducting awareness programme for leaders.
  • Health Care services to villagers through the use of herbal medicines.
  • Assisting local govt. in relief programmes Natural calamities.
  • Barefoot teachers training.
  • Promoting and facilitating supplementary education.
  • Career guidance for the school children.
  • Capacity building of youths and women.
  • Capacity building of the staff.
  • Exposure visit
  • Preventive and Curative Health Care in the villages.
  • Supplementary Education in Tribal and other backward areas of the Diocese.
  • Linkages of SHGs to Blocks and banks.
  • Networking with other secular agencies to enhance (maximize) the quality of SKS intervention in helping the poor and marginalized people of Barak valley.

Details of Governing Body : SEVA KENDRA

01Joachim WalderPresident
02Anto JustinVice President
03Gabriel PintoTreasurer
04Michael ToppoSecretary
05Sister Achamma
06Sr Teresa
07Sister RosyMember
08Swapna TDMember