EDUcate (Education through creating alternative teaching environment.)

Educate program was started in the year 2017 by Seva Kendra Silchar. Educate programs main aim and objective is to support the school drop-out and non-school going children who are victim due to language communication gap, transportation barriers, financial problems etc. hence the main idea of the program is to bridge the students or children with the normal school through Learning Support Center (LSC) or Bridge Schools. Initially, Seva Kendra Silchar introduced 10 centers at remote and far flung villages from the heart of the city. Currently SKS is actively running 15 Learning Support Centers or Bridge Schools at various villages in the three districts of south Assam i.e districts of Cachar, Karimganj and Hailakandi. The prime method of teaching is through Joyful Learning which will build confident to the children as the main aim is to enroll them in formal schools. Children are provided with books and various joyful learning materials at all centers and nutrition. Various trainings and practice like Children Parliament, Medicinal/Kitchen Garden, Health and hygiene, Leadership Training, Right to Education etc. are also conducted.

Education for non-school and dropout students in Barak Valley- Assam, North-East India

Seva Kendra, Silchar with the support of Sisters Rising Worldwide (SRW) has initiated the project “Education for non-school and dropout students in Barak Valley- Assam, North-East India” in December 2022. It covers fifteen villages of two districts of Barak Valley, Karimganj and Cachar. The aim of this project is to encourage parents and students to keep children and youths enrolled in the schools by motivating and assisting them in their studies through remedial classes at villages. It also focuses on developing teaching methods through applying creative and engaging ideas and provides trainings on nutritional and medicinal gardens to teachers and SHG members. The project also ensures that children are aware of their educational rights by conducting campaigns and trainings.  The project also provides nutritional support to children on monthly basis.