Nurture and empower tea garden women and children for transformation

Arise Foundation is funded from London for the welfare of people of Barak Valley state of Assam, India. The title of the project is Nurture and empower tea garden women and children for transformation. We are working in collaboration to combat slavery, awareness on human trafficking, promoting safe migration, encouraging the target community to have income generation activities for women groups and youth groups in tea garden areas. Under the Arise Foundation project we cover 12 villages of  tea garden of Cachar and Karimganj district. We are working in collaboration for the development of people through networking while implementing the project activities we network with the other NGOs; like police department, ONE Stop Centre, Ujjala, AMRAT, CWC, Caritas India. Networking helps us to implement our programme successfully. Goal:- Reduce the number of human trafficking victims and unsafe migration in Barrack Valley region, through livelihood promotion among tea garden women, youth and children. Objective:-
  • Improved skill and capacity of the different target groups (VVC/Women and Youth) to address the local issues especially Human Trafficking, unsafe migration and child labour.
  • Increased local job opportunities and enhanced income for the target school dropout youth through vocational training on viable trades.
  • Enhanced Networking and Partnership with various departments/agencies for safeguarding the Rights of the target communities
The Arise Foundation helped people in various ways through Women Group, Youth Group, Remedial Classes, skill training for drop out youth, tailoring course, Petty shops; goat raising, poultry, livelihood activities, handicrafts items and vegetable gardens. The target women groups, youth groups and individual beneficiaries have increased their income during this period through various programmes. The attitude of readiness to learn for their sustainability and help others to come up in life. Arise foundation also helped for so called 25 needy people; sick, widows and differently abled person by providing dry food items monthly bases. The project could able to help villagers directly as well as indirectly.
Total Number Men Women Children (U-18) Adults Over-60
Directly 1631 136 277 750 388 80
Indirectly 792 118 421 68 150 35
Total 2423 254 698 818 538 115
The awareness on human trafficking empowering villagers to voice out in the villages. The target population are taking steps to prevent human trafficking in the area concerned. They are working as team to prevent from traffickers.

Swaraksha Caritas

SWARAKSHA- Addressing Unsafe Migration and Combating Human Trafficking (PHASE -4) – Seva Kendra Silchar in partnership with Caritas India had initiated this program in October 2018 and it covers the two districts of Barak Valley, Cachar and Karimganj and under  two blocks namely, Kalain and Lowairpoa block. There are fifteen (15) villages covered under this project with 1838 households and 5558 total population. The program is funded by Caritas Germany and is in its fourth phase. The aim and objectives of the programme is to prevent, protect and safeguard the vulnerable people in the remote areas in falling prey to the clutches of human traffickers through awareness among the women, youth, children, PRIs, local leaders, teachers etc. The project also ensured that strong mechanism like village vigilance committees (VVCs), youth  groups, women groups and children groups were build in the village level so that  alertness and vigilance is build among the communities.  The project also supported and encouraged networking and partnership with government institutions, like minded NGOs and CBOs, thus enhancing collaboration and strengthening  the efforts  to reach out  to all vulnerable sections of the society in our region.