Education for dropouts and enhancing livelihood for migrants And Tribal

Funding Agency    : Kindermissionwerk
Duration                 : 1st January 2022 – 31st December 2024 (Three years)
Operational area    : 15 villages under Karimganj, Cachar and Hailakandi Districts of Assam
Target groups         : Drop out youths

Project Goals:
Children and Youths live a dignified life by empowering through education and sustainable livelihoods.
1.    50 % of the Community members / parents/ guardians are taking active steps for enhancing and promoting quality education to the children.
2.    Twenty- five (25) drop- out students every year (25 x3=75) will have passed matriculation (class X) and go for further studies
3.    Around 300 individuals (returnee migrants/ youths) at the community level are trained in vocational skills which will further promote sustainable livelihood and increase income.

Empowering the dropout youths giving them education through NIOS. To motivate the youngsters we provide sustainable livelihoodsand skill training such as tailoring and electrical training at Boscotech, training on livestock management, extracurricular activities to improve their talents. We give awareness programme to the parents on importance on education. Through personality development and leadership training we make them to get self-confidence to face the realities.


  • Training on electrical and Carpentary for three months in Don Boscomany of the boys from different villages participated and completed the course with certificate and placement
  • Awareness and motivational programme on the importance Education for parents/guardians and community – the interest to make their children study is gradually increasing
  • Trainings on RTE (Right to Education) given to the youths in different area many re enrolled for the continuation of schooling
  • Personality and Leadership training – young people were motivated to grow as a matured persons as well trained to be a courageous and self – confidence people to take up different tasks
  • Tailoring for girls – from different areas girls are benefited and got placement in different places with good salary
  • Computer Education and Extracurricular activities, Phenol making

Many of the village people benefited through relief for returned migrants and sick.

Transforming KFB

Transforming and Empowering Distress Women and children in Slum and Red light area, Silchar was implemented from July 2022 to June 2024 at two areas of Silchar town, Kalibari Char slum and Silchar Red light area. The project is funded by KFB Austria. The proposed program is structured in two fold manifested focus concretizing the objectives – individualistic and communitarian. The program envisages for promoting awareness on basic issues like family planning, sensitization on sexually transmitted diseases, awareness on child rights and protection etc., that are detrimental to physical, mental and emotional growth among the women and children in the slum and red light area. Also to provide and support skill development like tailoring, surf making, phenyl making and starting petty shop for the deserving women and skill training for the youth at Don Bosco Technical School Silchar in order that they become competent and confident to lead a dignified life. The pregnant and Lactating mothers in the Slum and Red light area are provided nutritional support on quarterly basis,Counseling for women and children is also be a component  required in order that we bring healing  from years of trauma, rebuild self-esteem  and envision  a different kind of life for them and each other. The programme would focus on remedial education of children, through the learning centres where these centres would also be a platform where children come together and share and build rapport and be strong support system for each other.