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Our Activities

  • Formation of SHGs in rural villages.
  • Animation programmes for SHG leaders and Animators.
  • Awareness programmes for village leaders/Headman etc.
  • Conducting awareness programmes for church leaders.
  • Health Care service to villagers through the use of herbal medicines.
  • Assisting the administration in relief programmes/Natural calamities.
  • Imparting trainings to barefoot teachers.
  • Promoting and facilitating supplementary education.
  • Career guidance for the school children.
  • Capacity building of youths and women.
  • Capacity building of the staff of Seva Kendra Silchar.
  • Preventive and curative health care in the villages.
  • Supplementing Education in tribal areas of the diocese.
  • Linkages of SHGs to bank and Blocks.
  • Networking with other secular agencies to enhance the quality of SKS intervention in helping the poor and marginalized people of Barak valley.